POPI – Why should you care?

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POPI – Why should I care?

If you are caught disrespecting anyone’s personal information (which is what POPI governs), you could be liable for a fine of R10 million PER INCIDENT! As if that is not enough – Jail-time… Yes, it is getting real!  If found guilty of a breach, the leader of the organisation could spend time behind bars. I don’t know about you, but that feels like a big risk to me?

If that is not enough, statistics show that if you do not take protection of personal information seriously, more than half your clients will rather go to your competitor than stay with you.

My last reason to rather just buckle up and protect personal information is the HUGE ADVANTAGE compliance can give you over your competitors.  Being able to tell your existing and potential clients that you respect them and their personal information is something I would personally move for.

What is POPI?

The Protection of Personal Information Bill has been enacted, and the Regulator was appointed late 2016, and by Feburary 2017, they had already established a website, designed a logo, and appointed the core team.  The team consists of:

  • The Regulator, Pansy Tlakula;
  • Adv. FDP Tlakula (Chairperson),
  • Adv. LC Stroom Nzama (Full-time Member),
  • Adv. JC Weapond (Full-time Member),
  • Prof T Pistorius (Part-time Member), and
  • Mr SL Snail ka Mtuze (Part-time Member).

The Regulator held a press conference where she confirmed that they had already started meeting with the Minister and Deputy Minister of Justice, and that the first draft of the Regulations are already done!  She and her team are working with both the POPI and PAIA acts, and have changed the name to POPIA. They are dedicated to ensure they can have the regulations tabled with the President as soon as possible, and have POPI effective by the end of 2017, organisations will then have 1 year to be compliant.

What must we do?

There are so many confusing rumors about POPI, and POPI compliance, an you may be unsure where to start.  Some of our clients have been trying to become compliant through their business as usual activities, with various success rates.  I strongly suggest that you look at your business case options.  There are times that it is more effective to attack something like this in-house, whereas other times, you may want to focus on your core business, and have experts guide you through the process.

As a starting point, you may want to start by checking the following in your organisation:

  1. Do you understand the touch-points of where Personal Information is gathered, stored, processed and accessed?
  2. Do you have sufficient protection measures in place?
  3. Do you know who has access to all information?
  4. Have your teams been sensitised and trained in POPI thinking?
  5. Do you understand your retention requirements and are these documented?
  6. Have you identified your main impact areas?
  7. Do you have the necessary skills in your organisation to ensure you are POPI compliant by the effective date?
  8. Do you have a POPI implementation plan?

Help!  I need POPI Help!

We have a specialist team who assist clients with their compliance, and we can help you in various ways – depending on your need.  You are welcome to call us for any of the following:

  1. We can do a quick GAP analysis to assess your POPI readiness
  2. We can advise you on your POPI strategy
  3. We can help you draft your business case and assess your best options
  4. We can assist with drafting and implementing POPI governance structures and operating models
  5. We can advise on the appointment of your Information Officer and the Roles and Responsibilities matrix
  6. If needed, we can provide you with an analyst to assist with the identifying and mapping of your Personal Information
  7. Our change managers and trainers can help change your organisation’s behavior around Personal Information
  8. We have POPI project management experts who can help guide your team to successful delivery
  9. We have legal experts who can assist with the drafting of policies, clauses and procedures
  10. We can draft or assist your team to draft incident and breach management procedures.

Why is Metatrans the best POPI Partner?

Look at these:

  1. We are CURRENTLY helping clients become POPI-ready
  2. We are ACTIVELY driving and managing POPI implementation for our clients
  3. We have an EXPERT team who know POPI and PAIA and can deliver according to your quality standards without supervision
  4. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! The senior consultants you engage with upfront, are the people who will do the work.  We will not substitute the consultants you select with juniors.
  5. Our POPI team is FLEXIBLE and ADAPTABLE, and will work with your schedule and budget
  6. We pride ourselves on having a BIG PICTURE approach to any project.  Our knowledge, mindset and execution ability will take your project to a new level!

Don’t delay…

Contact us for an informal chat, we will give you real value, really quickly!

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