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About Us:

MetaPrivacy is a division of MetaTrans, specialising in the implementation of Privacy legislation and compliance.

Our Purpose:

We help businesses adapt to Privacy Regulations.

Our Mission:

We help businesses comply with Privacy Regulations through Practical, No-nonsense Implementation.

Our Values:

In every interaction, we will:

  1. Be Accountable,
  2. Be Collaborative and
  3. Act with Integrity

What we do:

We have years of actual implementation experience with South African Privacy laws and regulations.  We help our clients in the following ways:

  1. Training and Awareness
  2. Facilitation and Planning of Compliance
  3. Interpretation of the Acts
  4. Policy audits and Policy creation
  5. Gap Analysis
  6. Incident Management
  7. Assisting with the roles and responsibilities of the Information – and Privacy Officers
  8. Privacy Compliance Implementation
  9. Privacy Readiness Assessments

Why choose us:

We are passionate: About Privacy, Personal Information and Data Protection.

We are focused: We are a Division purely focused on the implementation of POPI, GDPR. ECT, and Cyber laws.

We understand people: We know that having the right culture, a Privacy Mindset, engaged through Training and Awareness paves the way to organisational privacy compliance.

We are experienced:  Our team has helped 100’s of people, in over a dozen organisations to prepare, implement, and embed Privacy legislation into their business.  We have the skills to help you get to the root-cause of your privacy issues, and help you find the right solutions.

We are lean and agile:  We maintain a core team and partner with experts in their fields.  As such, we are the Privacy Implementation Partner of choice to many consulting houses and organisations.

We are digitally savvy:  Through our association with Metatrans, we are able to use the best fit-for-purpose technology for your implementation.

Our Leadership Team:

Christelle Bure
Christelle BurePrivacy Training, Facilitation & Implementation
Christelle is passionate about enabling companies to be realistic, practical and pragmatic about complying with Privacy Regulations. Christelle follows the Privacy by Design principles, and believes that a holistic view should be taken to Privacy.

Her team offers a wide range of services, including: Training and Awareness,
Facilitation of Workshops,
Performing Gap Anaysis,
Policy, Framework and Standards updates
Generating implementation Plans
Documenting and advising on processes
Incident and Breach Management
Driving Implementation and Compliance
Readiness Assessments and Compliance Audits

Christelle is a lifelong entrepreneur who has co-founded businesses in the entertainment, consulting and services industries, co-owned a training and development company, as well as leading numerous large scale business transformation projects in corporate environments. As a Co-founder and Director of Metatrans, she has started this specialist division, which takes her no-nonsense approach to POPIA implementations to her clients. She and her team have for the past two years (and are currently busy) implemented POPIA compliance in various companies, ranging from Banking & Financial Services, to Telecoms and Government, and even a Medical Practitioner and Nursery school.

Combining her passion for people development, with the hard skill of project implementation, she has found a niche in Privacy Compliance Implementation. She believes that the success of POPIA compliance lies in the hearts and minds of the people. The processes, policies and standards have to be in place, but alone, they do not guarantee success. It is a subtle balance between these two that creates a synergy which carries the organisation into compliance.

Geoff Nell
Geoff NellDirector: Digital Transformation Consulting
Geoff is passionate about all things digital and the impact it can have on society, companies and cultures.

Geoff started out in IT as a programmer, and later moved into design, architecture, IT management and business management. The digitisation, online and social programmes implemented have provided deep insight into the impact digital can have on organisations, specifically around ways of working, cost reduction and new innovation opportunities.

In 2014, Geoff embraced his passion for digital disruption, innovation and agility, and co-founded Metatrans Business Services to focus on Digital Business Consulting. Through Metatrans, Geoff has had the opportunity to help companies identify opportunities to leverage off the changing IT landscape and implement solutions that will ensure sustainability and competitiveness.

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