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POPI Gap Analysis

There are three ways to tackle your Gap Analysis. It is up to you whether to use us for one, two or all three these:

1. Complete the free online self-assessment.

You complete it in about half an hour, in your own time, from your own device.  You will find that by doing the questions, you already get an idea of your gap.

We will send you your compliance score based on your self-assessment, which will help you make decisions on your next steps.

2. Facilitated Analysis session.

Our experienced facilitators will facilitate a session with your management and/or project team, and help you define your high-level gap. Depending on the size and complexity of your organisation, this session could be anything from a half day to three days, and will go a long way towards defining your project scope. The output from this session is a high-level gap assessment.

3. Outsourced Gap Analysis.

Allow our Privacy expert analysts to fast-track your Gap Analysis using our pre-defined toolkits. The Analysts will work closely with your nominated business champions to ensure a detailed Gap Assessment, which can be used to plan the remainder of your implementation